A Plus Power Cleaning have successfully completed a variety of industrial washing projects. Industrial pressure washing tends to be more challenging than other types of pressure washing.

Industrial pressure washing is typically work done in places of industry. These places could include factories, power & chemical plants, research facilities, areas of electrical towers & satellites, and manufacturing facilities.

Industrial pressure washing could involve structures that are taller or more massive then normal. Jobs could require the use of motorized articulating or straight boom lifts, the use of swing-stage scaffolding, various types of specialized machinery, and special preparations. Chemicals designed for industry are typically utilized. A clear of understanding of the laws & codes for working safely in a particular county will be needed.

Sometimes there is very little difference between commercial and industrial pressure washing. The same building can involve both commercial and industrial applications.

There is a difference for other trades, such as electricians, plumbers, and framers. Most commercial wiring is done using EMT and MC cable. Most industrial wiring is done with RMC conduit. In commercial it is mostly general power and lighting, but in industrial there are also motors and control and instrumentation circuitry involved.
Plumbing codes and flow rates can also be different.